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Life Care Division
Industrial Rescue Training

Confined Space Rescue Course3 day (24hr)
This class concerns rescues involving confined spaces.  The course covers federal and state regulations, hazards associated with confined spaces, use of specialized equipment, atmospheric monitoring equipment, commercial and rescuer constructed retrieval systems, SCBA and air-line supplied breathing equipment and air management, victim evacuation, scene management and safety.  Hands-on activities will include scene management, confined space entries, victim packaging and retrieval.

NOTE: Protective clothing required - Participants must provide approved helmet, eye protection, gloves, leather safety boots or fire boots, Type III harness, coveralls or turnout gear for this class.

Rope Rescue Course3 day (24hr)
This class concerns rescues involving rope techniques.  It is modeled to meet NFPA 1670 Operational Rope Rescue level skill sets and knowledge requirements.  Specifically, the course covers, software and hardware application and capacities, basic knots and rope terminology, simple rope concepts and physics, anchor selection and systems, raising and lowering systems for low and high angle environments, construction of mechanical advantage systems, individual rappel, ascending, and self rescue techniques, patient packaging, victim pick-off techniques, scene management, hanging harness/suspension trauma, and practical applications for track lines. (i.e. sloped, horizontal and guild lines) 

NOTE:  Protective clothing required - Participants must provide approved helmet, eye protection, gloves, leather safety boots, Type II with chest harness or type III harness, and appropriate apparel for this class.  No shorts, opened toed sandals or shoes. The course is mostly field exercises and has some prerequisites.  This is also a physically demanding course, please be prepared to participate as a team member in all aspects of the course.

Confined Space and Rope Rescue Combined Course 5 day (40hr)
This course simply combines the two rescue disciplines into a single 40 hr course.   Because many of the topics and skill sets overlap each other, this course seems to be our most popular and cost effective selection.

HAZWOPER 40hr and 8hr Refresher Courses
Clearwater is committed to providing the most comprehensive and innovative compliance training.  We are not satisfied with just “getting the OSHA box checked”, but provided the student with the knowledge and tools to ensure their safety those around them.  


It is the mission of Clearwater Environmental Services Inc. to provide the most professional, comprehensive, and innovative Confined Space Rescue, Attendant, and compliance training services in the industry; Committed to Safety.
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