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Life Care Division
Industrial Compliance Courses

Clearwater Environmental Services (CESI) is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and highest quality training in the industry. We have defined our success solely on the satisfaction of our clients and in surpassing expectations. We know that our business and your safety depend on it!

Industrial Safety Seminars:

Course Cost
HAZWOPER - 40hr $495/student
Hazardous Material Waste Refresher 8hr $115/student
Hazardous Material Waste Supervisor 8hr $215/student
Hazardous Material General Awareness - 4hr $115/student
Emergency Response Awareness 4hr $85/student
Emergency Response Operations 8hr $115/student
Emergency Response Technician 24hr $425/student

Corporate Safety Seminars:

Course Cost
On Scene Incident Command 8hr $115/student
C-STOP - Contractor Safety Training Orientation Program (OSHA 10 and 30) - 12hr and 4hr refresher $145/student
Risk Assessment and Management 4hr $85/student

Rescue Courses:

Course Cost
Confined Space Rescue Awareness and Operations 24hr $525/student
Rope Rescue Awareness and Operations 24hr $425/student
Combined Confined Space and Rope Rescue Course 40hr $725/student

CESI continues to build and foster a foundation of customer satisfaction and successful business relationships. Please contact us if you would like further information or have any questions.


It is the mission of Clearwater Environmental Services Inc. to provide the most professional, comprehensive, and innovative Confined Space Rescue, Attendant, and compliance training services in the industry; Committed to Safety.
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